Chair massage

What is exactly ‘chairmassage’?

Chairmassage is a preventive kind of massage based on Japanese acupressure (shiatsu). Neck, back, shoulders, arms, hands, head and hips will be treated while you sit in a specially developed ergonomically and relaxing chair. Chairmassage works quickly and effectively and is specially recommended for people with pain in the back, neck and shoulders. During the massage you can keep your clothes on; no oil is being used.

Why chairmassage in your organization?

Chairmassage works preventive against problems caused by stress. Examples of stress related problems are lower back pain, painful neck and shoulders, listlessness, quickened heart rate, tension, sleeplessness, digestive problems and headache. Also monotonous work or repeating movements (RSI) can give obstinate problems.

Research shows that people will feel more fit and more energetic after a few chairmassage treatments and a decrease of people calling sick because of stress related problems.

For businesses chairmassage is very interesting. A structural use of chairmassage will give an important contribution to the health and wellbeing of your employees, and thus the company will function better. Because chairmassage is given on the working place, it will only give a short interruption.
A (partial) tax deduction for chairmassage can be possible under certain conditions. For more information you can contact Active Fysio.

Chairmassage summarized:

– will give relaxation in 20 minutes
– you can keep your clothes on
– stimulates the blood flow
– works preventive on stress and RSI
– reduces short-time illness
– chairmassage is given at the workplace
– your employees will feel fit and energetic again!!