Active Fysio pricelist 2020


1st consult with doctors referral:
Intake + examination                              € 34,00
1st consult without doctors referral:
Screening + intake + examination            € 47,00
Treatment at the practice                         € 34,00
Treatment at patients home                     € 55,00
A one-time physiotherapy examination
(with doctors referral and written report)   € 65,00


Massage (20 minutes)           € 35,00
Massage (40 minutes)           € 60,00
10 x Massage (20 minutes)    € 290,00
10 x Massage (40 minutes)    € 540,00

Insurance for Physiotherapy:

Ask your insurance company about compensation!

Starting January 1. 2012, the first 20 sessions of physiotherapy for chronic illness will not be part of the Dutch “basisverzekering” (=basic insurance).

Therefor you need to have “aanvullende verzekering” (=extra insurance).

Active Fysio works according the "restitutiesysteem"  (=restitution). This means that you will pay directly to Active Fysio and you will receive an invoice from Active Fysio which you can declare to your insurance company.
Check your policy or ask your insurance company how much you can declare.

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